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“Dr. Andrea Cole Raub, D.O., is a wonderful physician. She addresses the whole person, not just the physical state. Aging is not something that can be cured, it can only be slowed down! Thus the Center for Age Management…

If you need help with HRT (hormone replacement therapy – something that women do as they AGE to avoid shriveling up into a dry husk of our former selves) Dr. Cole Raub is the one to see. And they also offer state-of-the-art tests that tell you all about what your body is doing with the food and vitamins it gets, where it may be lacking, and where you are headed for trouble if you don’t mend your ways.

In my experience, Dr. Cole Raub prescribed specific vitamins and nutritional supplements more often than traditional medicine (although she can do that as well).

Ha! If only I was wise enough to take ALL of her advice, I’d live to be 100. But I do apply what I can of what she recommends and as a result I am living a better quality of life (maybe even a longer one). If you are smarter than me, you could benefit even more from her diagnosis, prognosis and prescription.” – Rachel H.


“I have been seen by Dr. Cole now for many years for various reasons. And I can truly say that she is an amazing and knowledgeable Dr. She cares about the welfare of her patients and listens to what her patients have to say. Dr. Cole sits down and does a history and asked questions about general overall health, and current symptoms. She makes recommendations about alternatives treatments that will benefit her patient not just writes prescriptions and shove you out the door like so many other Dr.s do. She is on-time with appointments and has efficient office staff. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Cole. I highly recommend her.” – The_Chomp