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Testimonials, What our patients say about us

***[disclaimer] results may vary from person to person***

“In 6 weeks time I dropped the 25 pounds and have kept it off for almost 2 years now”

“What can I say about the HCG Diet? Well, let me tell you a little about myself first. Growing up I was always the beanpole, able to eat what I want whenever I wanted to. This lasted thru childbearing years and beyond. How many women can have a baby and weigh less than she did before getting pregnant? That was me. That all changed one day when I realized somewhere in the last 25 years I had gained 25 extra pounds. Never having to ever “diet” I was at a loss as to what to do, but Dr. Cole suggested that I try the HCG Weight Loss Program. I must admit that I was intrigued and decided the only thing I had to lose was, well weight. In 6 weeks time I dropped the 25 pounds and have kept it off for almost 2 years now. Not only did I shed the pounds and inches (down 2 pant sizes) but I learned to listen to my body. The program taught me what to eat, how to eat and most importantly how to enjoy what I eat. Besides the weight loss my energy level has risen, my sleep is sound and I don’t get the ups and downs like I use to. Thank you Dr. Cole!”

-Actual Patient
HCG weight loss

“Dr. Andrea Cole is the most amazing and wonderful medical professional that I have ever encountered.”

“Dr. Andrea Cole is the most amazing and wonderful medical professional that I have ever encountered. I am in my early 50’s and overall healthy and fit. However, I needed a doctor to help me determine how to increase my energy, deal with the physical and emotional changes that come with my age and help me maximize my health. Dr. Cole’s goal is to help you achieve total wellness, and she is more comprehensive in approaching this than any doctor I have met. Every aspect of working with Dr. Cole is fabulous. She is thoughtful, kind and generous with her time and her listening. Her knowledge of how to achieve health and assess symptoms is incomparable. Her office staff is amazing, and a visit to her office makes you feel welcome and cared for. The Center for Age Management is also a wellness center, with a remarkable group of other wellness professionals that complement Dr. Cole’s expertise. In the 6 months since I first came to her, Dr. Cole has changed my health, my energy and my life! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Dr. Cole—you are a gift to all of us!”

-Karen Henken

“I feel better than I have in years…”

“For the last several years I’d been suffering (and I do mean suffering) from various menopausal symptoms and was feeling really desperate when I came to see Dr. Cole. I couldn’t sleep, was having anxiety and mood swings and wasn’t able to hold a thought in my head (at least not a positive one). I’d been to my regular doctor, who did little more than suggest sleeping pills and Xanax. Dr. Cole spent a long time listening to me, put me on hormone replacement right away and worked up a plan of action, including a series of tests to find out what was really going on inside me. Almost immediately I felt better (having a doctor actually listen and care helped a lot), and after my test results came back and I started on suggested supplements, I felt even better. It’s been almost 6 months now and I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years. Thank you SO much Dr. Cole!”

-Actual Patient

“We have formed a bond and a friendship that has been beneficial to me both physically and emotionally…”

“My name is Beth Molasky and I have been a patient of Dr. Andrea Cole’s for almost 9 years. I first moved to San Diego from Las Vegas ten years ago and was looking for a new physician in the area. I happened to read a two page article about Dr. Andrea Cole in the San Diego Union Tribune. The article focused on how physicians today were treating ailments as they happened and that Dr. Cole wanted to treat prevention before ailments occurred. The main thrust of the article at that time was on bio-identical hormones. I was so interested in the concept and the premise behind Dr. Cole’s philosophy that I made my first appointment that day. Throughout the years we have formed a bond and a friendship that has been beneficial to me both physically and emotionally as well. Dr. Cole not only treats any developments that may have occurred, but she constantly strives to focus on preventing any problems in the future with her innovative ideas and screenings for early warning signs of potential diseases. She is always on the alert for better and more thorough ways to continue to keep us in optimal health, and for that, I am grateful.”

-Beth Molasky
Bio-identical Hormones

“I wanted a good doctor that I can trust and Dr. Cole is definitely the one…”

“I had been so disappointed with all my physicians because it was so obvious that they did not want to spend more than 5-10 minutes with you. I always chose to see some of the best physicians in the field or others with an Internal Medicine degree. I had a lot of things that required treatment or that were borderline-disease. Every appt. was always directed by the physician at treating only one of the many problems I had that included, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, hypothyroidism and some depression. Since they saw for such a short period of time they were never able to stabilize any of the abnormalities. In addition they always treated me as an ignorant individual that did not need to know why and could not disagree with the physician.

A friend told me about Dr. Cole’s approach to medicine that focused on the overall well being of the patient and not just on the treatment of one illness. I decided to make an appointment with her Anti-Aging Center. The staff is very friendly and I actually looked forward to my appointment. I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, so I like to discuss the results of any blood or other tests and I feel that this conversation tells me how knowledgeable the Dr. is. I was so pleasantly surprised with Dr. Cole because we spent the first half hour talking about the physiological pathways involved in my diseases and what the medication did to treat the diseases. I also saw right away that her concern was my well being and not the time she was spending with me. I believe she spent close 1.5 hours with me. Dr. Cole was able to stabilize my lipids, sugar levels and the thyroid hormones. I wanted a good doctor that I can trust and Dr. Cole is definitely the one. For example, several times, after performing tests she has called me to come ahead of my scheduled time because she needs to modify some of my meds. Would you believe, a doctor that is thinking about you when you are not there, she is great!

One day told her that I wanted to look younger and she suggested several procedures and she was happy to answer any questions I have and to provide handouts to read about the procedure. When I’m having any type of procedure done, I always do my research. When I discuss it with Dr. Cole she knows a great deal more that my research. I always have the feeling that she cares and that she’d do the right thing for you. She used a filler that worked very well and it really helped my look. I had a few other procedures done to improve my looks like Botox, laser and others..I also went through a hormone improvement treatment that helped me achieve my dream of doing an Ironman. She always appeared to be very professional and knowledgeable about all these anti-aging procedures, medications and also about alternative medicine that I have always been curious about. I appreciate the time, the talent and the compassion she has and for her patients.”


“Dr. Cole is an exception in today’s busy, sometimes uncaring world…”

“I heard about Dr. Cole’s work in balancing hormones, on a local radio station. I had been to a half dozen others in this area and came away disappointed and/or mis-diagnosed. When I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cole, I was not optimistic she would be any different. What a blessed surpise awaited me! Dr. Cole is a great and sympathetic listener. She made me feel as if MY problem was HER problem, and it didn’t matter how much time I took discussing it! She has found solutions when other doctors have dismissed my complaints and basically not listened to me. My disabled daughter has many complicated health problems, after 22 years of disability and medications. Recently she has been suffering with a situation her Primary Care and Neurologist have completely ignored… even with my constant questioning and wondering why certain things were happening. Whenever I see Dr. Cole for my own health issues, she always asks me about my daughter, and spends a considerable amount of time giving me her thoughts and suggestions. This time was no different. I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth regarding her symptoms, when Dr. Cole zeroed in on the problem and had an idea of what was going wrong. We are following up with tests now, and finally feel this serious problem is being addressed, and that we have someone on our side who has the expertise, education and CARING to back us up.

With Dr. Cole on our side I feel there is hope for solving this particular problem and the others that are sure to be coming. Dr. Cole is an exception in today’s busy, sometimes uncaring world. She has the training and experience we need, but equally important she has a heart for her patients, and a spirit of generosity and caring that we have not found anywhere else.

God bless you Dr. Cole, and thank you for giving us hope!”
-Love from Linda and Whitney Duggan

“A satisfied patient”

“In the five years that Dr. Cole has been my GP and anti-aging doctor, I have found Dr. Cole to always be intelligent, conscientious, engaged, and up to date on the latest developments in medicine. A satisfied patient.”
-Bill L.

Thank you Dr. Cole for being so caring and giving me my life back!

“I have been very ill for several years with multiple ailments including mercury poisoning. After seeing so many doctors I was very disheartened feeling like I was never going to get better. Fortunately I was blessed to meet Dr. Cole a doctor who cares wholeheartedly for her patients, She is amazing in her knowledge of treating the root cause of the symptoms. I am on my way to being able to work again and most importantly enjoy my life! Thank you Dr. Cole for being so caring and giving me my life back!”

Bio-identical Hormones
Enjoying Clothes Shopping- 50 Pounds Lighter

Hi Dr. Cole

Please find the picture attached that I promised to send. I just want to personally thank you for supporting me thru this process the last 4 months and having faith in me to complete my goals. Anyone can do this if they have the determination, and will power to get to a healthy weight again. I am very happy with the results and even though it will take some time to realize mentally that I am back to where I dreamed of being, I have to say that I am enjoying the shopping experience more now than ever!

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***[disclaimer] results may vary from person to person***