Anti Aging Medicine Serving Encinitas Cardiff, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa fe, Del mar, Solana beach & Other North County Coastal Cities in San Diego CA.

Our Practice

It is time that medical care shift from the treatment of symptoms toward the creation of health. There is not a pharmaceutical solution for every symptom you develop.

Aging is a process which can be controlled. True, we are all going to age, but you have a choice in how you age. Individualized medicine is here.

Looking at mechanisms involved in creating disease such as free radical damage, inflammation, and mitochondrial dysfunction combined with bioidentical hormonal optimization, a healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction, we will partner with you on your path to optimal health.

Our patients are a diverse group, from those interested in creating optimal health as they age to individuals suffering from chronic diseases who seek a variety of evaluations and an integrated approach to disease management.

Center for Age Management combines extensive laboratory testing, nutritional assessment, cardiac risk evaluation, dietary and exercise recommendations with a 90 minute extensive evaluation with Dr. Andrea Cole. We have a proactive approach to illness and premature aging that identifies your risk of future disease and creates a personalized program to improve your health and maintain an active lifestyle.

We recently have added thermograms and the only FDA approved BioMeridian Evaluation: Bio Energetic Stress Testing (BEST) is an extremely sophisticated computer-based FDA-registered instrumentation that allows the practitioner to access energetically stressed organs or systems. According to meridian science the BEST system measures and records electrical conductivity at specific acupuncture points to establish a picture of functional health.