Anti Aging Medicine Serving Encinitas Cardiff, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa fe, Del mar, Solana beach & Other North County Coastal Cities in San Diego CA.


New Patient Visit $450

First Visit Includes:

  • 1 and ‘A Hour discussion with Dr. Cole-Raub
  • Complete Physical & History review
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Evaluation
  • Discussion of Comprehensive Vitamin Analysis
  • Discussion of Labs for Evaluation

Blood Draw (with nurse) Please note lab differences

  • 1st Lab Blood Draw: If you have Insurance we will provide your insurance information to Labcorp for billing. It then becomes the patient’s responsibility for payment of any labs not covered by your insurance. Please be aware of your insurance coverage prior to blood draw. These labs vary in fee and can range from $25 to approximately $800 or more depending on insurance coverage.
  • Labcorp is separate from Genova Diagnostics who process the NutrEval.
  • NutrEval (Biochemical Test) Cash Price $749 or $169 pay assured program when covered by PPO insurance. ( Test analyzes Nutritional Imbalances/deficiencies in your body) These tests are optional
  • Draw Fee: The blood draw fee is $35 This charge applies to all blood draws done in our office.

1st Lab Follow – up $400

  • 1 Hour visit with Dr. Cole to discuss 1st Lab results.
  • Determine what hormones/medications are needed.

NutrEval Follow – up $400

  • 1 Hour visit with Dr. Cole to follow-up on your NutrEval Results.
  • Dr. Cole will provide an extensive outline of nutritional supplements recommended after reviewing your Ion test results, as well as a dietary plan for you to follow.
  • Recommended Supplements are an additional cost.

Office visits will range from $125-$400 following these initial visits. Cost is dependent on complexity of medical condition.