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Telomere Science

Aging is a Short Telomere Disease

Telomeres are specialized structures on the ends of chromosomes like the plastic coating at the end of a shoelace. The telomere protects chromosomes against damage during DNA replication.

Telomeres preserve the integrity of chromosomes, thus protecting the function of the cells. As the chromosomes replicate, the telomere shortens. An enzyme called telomerase restores the length of the telomere. Once an individual reaches maturity, telomerase activity declines and the telomeres shorten with each subsequent chromosomal replication. When telomeres reach a critically short length, they trigger the cell to die.

The length of the telomeres is a very important biomarker of the physiologic age of the organism. An increase in the number of short telomeres is associated with the aging process. Research has suggested that short telomeres are associated with cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer ’s disease.
Interventions that stimulate the activation of telomerase and thus maintain the telomere length may delay the aging process and potentially may be a cure for age related diseases.
Individuals age at different rates even though their chronological age is the same. The measurement of the percent of short telomeres is one of the best indicators as to how quickly the person is aging.

There are a number of factors that affect the rate of telomere shortening such as genetic and lifestyle choices. Smoking and obesity are associated with an accelerated rate of telomere shortening. Depression, stress, poor sleep, inflammation and poor dietary choices also increase the rate of shortening. Vitamin D, fish oils, hormone replacement, antioxidants, exercise and a positive outlook on life seem to delay the shortening of telomeres.

There are now nutraceuticals that stimulate telomerase that actually elongate the shortest of telomeres. This elongation has been correlated with improvements in visual acuity, bone density, skin thickening and a stronger immune system. At present, no pharmaceutical is available, although much work is currently being done in this field.
We have partnered with Life Length for telomere testing as they are the leaders in this particular technology. It takes about 4-6 weeks for you to receive your results. An anonymous online health questionnaire is required.

As part of an Anti-Aging program, knowing your biologic age is very important. It is the best indicator of overall health enabling your physician to better customize your anti-aging program.
Call us at Center for age Management at 760 633 1315 for more information or to schedule your test. We currently can prescribe the proper telomerase activator for your particular needs.
We are all getting older in years but how you age is now measurable and most importantly modifiable.