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Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland. It is a complex protein molecule of 191 amino acids linked in a specific sequence. It is secreted in pulses by the pituitary gland. These pulses vary between 10 and 30 per day and can be strengthened by exercise. Children secrete HGH in high levels. For years, doctors have prescribed HGH for children who needed a growth boost.

Growth Hormone deficiencies do not just affect children. Around the age of 35, the secretion of HGH begins to decline. By the time you are 70, the vast majority of people have levels equal to or lower than a patient with a known pituitary tumor. Dr. Daniel Rudman performed the first study of the effects of HGH on adult men. He replaced growth hormone in a group of elderly veterans for 6 months. The results showed a 14% loss of body fat, a 10% increase in lean body mass, improved energy, less joint pain, thickening and hydration of the skin, improved mood and well being, better sleep and increased sex drive. There was also an 8.8% increase in bone density as well, evidence of the reversal of osteoporosis. The improvements seem to occur in the absence of change to their exercise program or changes of health habits. One of the most dramatic results was a 7.1% increase in skin thickening. These men looked dramatically younger. The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The conclusion was certain aspects of aging, as we know it are reversible. Growth hormone was approved for growth hormone adults in 1996.

The decline in HGH correlates with a number of changes seen in the aging adult.
Some of the areas affected include a loss of lean muscle, an increase in fat, increasing cholesterol, loss of aerobic capacity, a compromised immune system, thinning of the bones, poor sleep, poor mood, poor memory, low energy, loss of elasticity of the skin, anxious mood and an inability to cope.

When Growth hormone levels are optimized, most of these symptoms improve.

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