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Breast Cancer Thermography, Advanced Infrared Thermogram Breast Imaging

Thermal Imaging

If you are concerned about your breast health, we’d like you to know that the Center for Age Management offers Thermal Imaging as a supplement to your regularly scheduled Mammogram screenings for Breast Cancer. Using Thermography combined with mammograms and other detection techniques such as self exams can help to increase detection. Thermography has been approved by the FDA for Breast cancer diagnostic screening.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is a quick and painless procedure that uses infrared cameras to record images of the varying temperatures on your body. Heat is an indication that inflammation exists, and typically inflammation is present in precancerous and cancerous cells, too. It’s also present in torn muscles and ligaments as well as arthritic joints, which thermography can also detect. The pictures of your body will show the patterns heat on your skin, which will show if there are areas of concern. Then, if abnormal heat patterns are detected in the specific region of interest further investigation can lead to diagnosis and treatment. The procedure is non invasive and safe for everyone. Thermography does not involve ionizing radiation or injections, is FDA-approved, is affordable and provides rapid results.

How is Thermography performed?

Thermal imaging is completely harmless, painless, and non-invasive. The patient sits or stands before a thermal imaging camera, bares the body area to be scanned, and the results of several viewing angles are seen immediately on a computer screen. Those results are analyzed by a qualified healthcare professional. They will compare the findings to earlier scans on record, if any, and also studies and interprets the varying patterns and temperature differentials on the Thermogram.
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