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Breast Thermography, Early Thermal Imaging Detection of Breast Cancer & Treatments

The Center For Age Management is proud to offer Thermography Non-Invasive Imaging for early detection of breast cancer.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermography uses special infrared-sensitive cameras to digitally record images of the variations in surface temperature of the human body. It’s basically a specialized HDTV night vision camera used to record images of the heat patterns of the breast. The recorded images are called thermograms.

Thermography is an unsurpassed, safe and noninvasive breast cancer screening technique that can detect signs of cancer up to ten years earlier than is possible using mammography. Breast thermography is approved by the FDA for breast cancer risk assessment. The exam takes only a few minutes, and there is no touching or compression of the breast whatsoever.

    • Thermal imaging can detect tumors 8-10 years before mammograms.
    • No radiation.
    • No body contact.
Linda Hayes, CCT

Linda Hayes, Certified Clinical Thermographer, has been using thermal imaging for early disease detection for the past 20 years. Thermal imaging has been able to help in the early detection of inflammatory breast cancer which frequently affects women between the ages of 20 and 40. Thermal imaging can screen for the earliest stages of cancer in ALL women, all age groups, and is often preferred to mammograms since this technology has NO RADIATION and NO BODY CONTACT, and is done in a matter of minutes while you wait. It is currently recognized as one of the earliest methods of screening for breast disease. The American Heart Association suggests thermal imaging as an initial screening for heart disease.

Our mobile service is readily available for appointments. Contact our office for more information and details. Our procedure is done in minutes in the comfort of a doctor’s office. Contact us for the location nearest you.

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